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Welcome to Birding Tour Adventures

We are Ghana’s Birding and Wildlife Specialist with a long term commitment to Conservation of Wildlife and Nature in Ghana.

Our birdwatching itineraries are always standard and up to date. We always try to offer our guests the opportunity to get to birding areas no others can go without our assistance. With over 755 species of birds, Ghana is an ideal destination for birdwatching. We have highly experienced tour leaders and guides with expert knowledge of Ghana’s birds and their habitats.

We were born in forest areas and have been working and living around some of Ghana’s national parks most of their lives studying and recording Ghana’s birds. This local knowledge enhances our guest’s chances of a productive and enjoyable birding holiday. We arrange early opening of the walkway during our tours enabling our guests to spend the most productive birding hours in the canopy of this beautiful forest achieving excellent views of canopy species difficult to see from the forest floor.

The highlights of our tour is undoubtedly the visit to the Yellow-headed Picathartes nesting site, and getting a glimpse of this remarkable bird is an amazing feeling never forgotten. As we dedicate majority of our time to rainforest birding we are enhancing our chances of finding the more sought after secretive, upper guinea endemic species, which all leads to an extremely impressive quality bird tally we know will not disappoint you! We have a 100% record for seeing this yellow headed Picathartes and Egyptian Plover with all our clients enjoying walk away views.

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